The Advantages Of A World Cat Catamaran.
A Smoother Ride Is Only The Beginning.

Take a sea trial on a World Cat catamaran and you’ll understand just how smooth, just how exhilarating, and just how much fun boating can be. But, a smoother ride is only one of the many advantages a power catamaran offers over a monohull. In fact, a World Cat offers you…

  • high-speed performance

    A soft ride with high-speed performance

    – you sacrifice none of the wind-in-your hair, get-there-first excitement of boating with a World Cat

  • side access door

    More stability at rest

    – since buoyancy is on the outer edges of the boat, instead of the middle, you get superior stability for more enjoyable entertaining at the dock…less roll when drifting or trolling…and a wider footprint to negate the effects of a rolling sea

  • greater handling

    Greater handling and a better ride in all kinds of seas

    – whether you’re boating in a following sea, beam sea, head sea, or rough waters, a World Cat lets you go farther, longer, and faster with greater comfort and confidence

  • shallower draft

    Shallower draft for travelling in ‘skinny’ waters

    – because the weight of the boat is distributed over the length of two hulls, World Cats have a shallower draft and can take you places a monohull can’t

  • null

    Greater load bearing capabilities

    – so take more gear or more friends: even when loaded with 28 people in a controlled test, the self-bailing system on a World Cat functioned as designed

  • more usable deck space

    More usable deck space

    – because the beam is carried fully forward, the more rectangular design of a catamaran creates more usable space than with a monohull, and with wider bows, you get more open area for entertaining or fishing

  • superior get-home capability

    Superior get-home capability

    – with dual hulls, fuel cells, and motors, you can be assured that your World Cat will always bring you home safely. And the design of our boats allows them to reach planing speed on just one engine

  • minimum bow rise

    Minimum bow rise for greater visibility

    – a World Cat’s deck remains parallel to the water at all speeds, allowing you to maintain your line of sight, a key safety feature

  • easier docking

    Easier docking and maneuverability

    — widely-spaced motors enable excellent control in close quarters

  • less wake

    Less wake when traveling in restricted zones

  • ability to maintain a plane at lower speeds

    The ability to maintain a plane at lower speeds

  • greater fuel economy

    Greater fuel economy

  • fishing from one side

    The ability for several people to fish on one side without the extreme listing of a monohull

  • easy to maneuver

    World Cats are easy to master, easy to maneuver, can turn on a dime, and deliver higher resale value