YES. Just ask someone who owns one, or who has taken a sea trial. While all manufacturers talk about their ride, there is absolutely nothing like experiencing a catamaran. Our owners talk about taking friends on their first ride, and watching the tight grips on the handrails while approaching a wave, swell or harbor wake, only to see the look of surprise when there is no impact or jolt. There is just nothing like the catamaran ride.

To experience this for yourself, set-up a no-obligation sea trial at your local World Cat dealer.

While there are lots of scientific explanations, the short answer is that a catamaran has two narrow hulls that cleanly slice through the water, as opposed to a v-hull that rides on top and then pounds down after topping a swell.
When we asked our owners, they very enthusiastically talk about what a catamaran’s ride means to them. Some of these reasons include:
• Having the confidence to handle whatever conditions nature may bring
• Not feeling beaten up and exhausted after a day on the water
• Being able to go out on a scheduled day off and not worrying about the conditions
• Extending their boating life by years
• Being able to take inexperienced boaters and children out without them worrying about a bouncy ride
Because catamarans are balanced across two hulls, as opposed to a monohull’s pivoting on a centerline, they exhibit much less side-to-side rocking and rolling. This wider ‘footprint’ is a huge advantage when stopped for diving or doing slow trolling, and even when entering or exiting the boat at the dock. Think about how much more stable you feel on two feet rather than balancing on one, and you will understand this difference.
YES. In fact, because of their enhanced stability, they’re actually easier to operate. Of course, as with all new boats, you’ll need to learn how to properly trim the boat. At the helm, you’ll discover that World Cats offer better visibility, turn flatter, are more stable, and the twin-hull design offers a significantly gentler ride in even the roughest of conditions.
NO. As can be seen in our videos, with just a little practice, cats exhibit exciting sports-car handling, including tight buttonhook turns.
NO. In fact, you’ll be joining a growing group of converts. Our data show that 76% of all cat owners owned three or more boats before they chose a power catamaran, and 93% would probably or definitely choose a cat for their next boat. Their #1 reason for switching? The smoother ride, which makes boating longer and going out farther more comfortable and enjoyable.
MUCH MORE STABLE than monohulls. In fact, whatever the conditions – following sea, head sea, or beam sea – a World Cat gives you greater control and greater confidence out on the water.
YES. Unlike a monohull boat that creates a bow wake and resistance in the water, the narrow entry of a World Cat’s twin hulls allows our boats to cut through the water, minimizing resistance and water disturbance. Because of their unique hull design, World Cats are quick to get on plane and require less horsepower to keep it. The result is greater fuel economy.
YES. In fact, the twin hulls actually make the boat easier to trailer and transport. Every World Cat has a tracking pad that guides the hulls as you load or unload the boat. Plus, the unique design of a World Cat creates less air resistance when on the move, which means a World Cat is not only more fuel-efficient on the water, it’s more fuel-efficient on land, too.
YES. Beyond the superior quality and craftsmanship of a World Cat, there are simply not a lot of pre-owned catamarans on the market. Owners just don’t give them up. In fact, of all the power catamarans built in the last decade, only 4% are available for resale – and that means a higher resale value.
OF COURSE. Your local World Cat dealer will show you all the options and choices available. We’ll do everything we can to make your World Cat truly unique.
YES. In fact, World Cats offer more deck space than traditional monohull boats. Plus, because the design of a World Cat allows our boats to drift sideways, you can actually fish off the side, and when you’re fishing off on one side, you don’t have to worry about the extreme listing you get with a monohull.
TRUE. The unique dual hull design allows a cat’s beam to be carried all the way forward, which gives it extra space in that key area — the bow. This results in more space for guests, fishing or storage. A typical monohull’s deck comes to a point in the bow.
YES. Not just shallow, remarkably shallow – as little as 9” for the 230CC, which qualifies it as a bay boat! And that shallower draft means that you can take your boat to areas monohulls can’t navigate. World Cats are ideal if you want to fish the shallows or get to that secluded beach without having to wade through the water.
EXTREMELY. In addition to their exceptional poise in handling challenging seas, catamarans have two hulls, two fuel cells and two motors, assuring excellent ‘get home-ability’. In fact, a catamaran is so efficient it can plane on one motor, making that trip home a quick one.
OF COURSE! Carolina Cat was actually developed and introduced by World Cat, but we found there was confusion in the market. Since Carolina Cat shares key qualities with the rest of the World Cat line, we decided it deserved the World Cat name. Our dealers will be happy to service our boats, whatever brand they carry.
As you may know, Glacier Bay catamarans have a long tradition of taking boaters to challenging destinations in comfort. World Cat purchased Glacier Bay in 2009, adding these unique boats to our line and integrating operations. In order to most effectively build the catamaran segment, we have decided to focus on one brand – World Cat – while keeping the design and honoring the legacy of Glacier Bay with a dedicated Glacier Bay Edition line. Glacier Bay Edition boats will keep the same design and quality that all Glacier Bay boats always have.
OF COURSE! All World Cat dealers are happy to provide service on any of our boats.
Your first step should be to contact the dealer who sold the boat. If you need another option, you can check our complete dealer listing here.