Before You Buy Your Next Boat, Think Twice.
You’ll Discover That Two Hulls Are Better Than One.

Compared to a monohull, a World Cat brings you greater stability and a smoother ride in virtually any type of sea.

Chances are, you own – or owned – a monohull boat. And that means you’ve endured pounding, slamming, and slapping. Monohull manufacturers employ deep V designs to try to lessen the abuse, but the result is often just more rocking and rolling whenever you stop or troll your boat. But a World Cat power catamaran offers you a better boating experience without all the exhausting physical abuse.

Why is a World Cat power catamaran superior to a monohull?

  • smoother ride

    Because you get a smoother ride

    – The wider footprint of a World Cat helps negate the effect of a rolling sea.

  • greater stability

    Because you get greater stability

    – Unlike a monohull, you’re not pivoting on a centerline.

  • vectorFlo hull creates smooter ride

    Because you eliminate the bumps and bruises

    – The air tunnel created by our VectorFlo® hull creates an air shock absorber to smooth out your ride.

  • fish off the side

    Because you can fish off the side

    – The World Cat design allows the boat to gently drift sideways.

  • greater fuel efficiency

    Because you get greater fuel efficiency

    – You use less fuel because there’s less hull resistance in the water.

  • greater load capacity

    Because you get greater load capacity

    – The wide deck of a World Cat also offers more room and comfort for you and your guests.

  • plane on one engine

    Because you can plane on one engine

    – Which means you can get home with confidence in a World Cat.

  • shallower drafts

    Because you can go places a monohull can’t take you

    – A World Cat’s shallower draft allows you to reach areas unreachable in a monohull.

  • easy to pilot

    Because World Cats are easier to pilot

    – Turns are flatter and more stable than the leaning action of a monohull.

  • greater visibility

    Because you get greater visibility

    – Unlike monohulls, our decks remain parallel to the water at all speeds.

  • greater resale value

    Because you get outstanding resale value

    – Though, chances are, once you own a World Cat, you’ll never want any other boat.