Fantastic handling, very smooth and turning radius was unbelievable!

Christian from Miami Beach, FL

Boating Experience: 28 years

Test Date: 02/14/2015


Smooth, faster than expected, none of the expected cat handling quirks.

Curtis from St. Johns, FL

Boating Experience: 31 years

Test Date: 02/14/2015


Interesting experience, surprised by the smoothness of the ride. Great performance and maneuverability!

Mattias from Karlsberg Beach

Boating Experience: 20 years

Test Date: 02/13/2015


Impressed with the ride, speed and handling, smoother than expected, no hull slap.

Bryan from Clearwater, FL

Boating Experience: 8 years

Test Date: 02/12/2015


Enjoyed ride and the dealer was great with my family.

Russell & Rose from Fort Myers, FL

Boating Experience: 5 years

Test Date: 12/06/2014


Very smooth!

Casey from Palm City, FL

Boating Experience:

Test Date: 11/10/2014


Great ride! Very nimble and good power.

Larry from Plantation, FL

Boating Experience:

Test Date: 11/03/2014


A totally different experience!

Javier from Puerto Rico

Boating Experience:

Test Date: 11/03/2014


Very soft ride. Good responsive handling.

Richard from Warrington, PA

Boating Experience: 7 years

Test Date: 05/04/2014


Amazing compared to a mono hull, especially over big boat wake!

Lew from Pitman, NJ

Boating Experience: 50+ years

Test Date: 05/02/2014


Smooth, great handling. Very easy to learn to drive. Super stable. Tons more room than my 23′ center console.

Suet from Forked River, NJ

Boating Experience:

Test Date: 04/14/2014


The ride was impressive. I was anticipating a hard landing on a high wave and there was no significant jolt at all. Dry ride and the wife was equally impressed. Her back was not sore. I’ve owned 7 monohulls from 16′ to 34′ and will only own a cat from this point forward.

Brian from Downingtown, PA

Boating Experience: 24 Years

Test Date: 04/06/2014