Notice to owners of any Livingston LV12 with hull number beginning with US-HCT75008E011, or Livingston LV14 with hull number beginning with US-HCT75041F011:

Recent testing has identified two issues with the Livingston LV12 and LV14, which while not commonly occurring, if not addressed could lead to unsafe conditions including swamping, capsizing and/or personal injury.

It was brought to our attention that boats equipped with motors from certain manufacturers may experience water intrusion over the transom while running, in the area of the engine mounts. This could cause water to collect in the stern, which would increasingly cause the bow to rise in an unsafe manner. We have not experienced this issue with boats equipped with Yamaha motors.

If you are experiencing water intrusion as described, upon request Livingston Boats will send an adaptor bracket that will raise the mounting height of the motor, which was found to solve the problem. There is no cost to qualifying owners (based on Hull ID) for this bracket or its installation. It is very easily installed using commonly available tools; if unsure you can take it to your Livingston dealer or a qualified technician.

CLICK HERE to locate your nearest Livingston dealer.

To request an adaptor bracket, please send your request to:
Livingston Boats, Inc.
1090 St. James Street  
Tarboro, NC 27886
Attn: Livingston LV12 (or LV14) Bracket

Please include your name, shipping address, boat Hull Identification Number (HIN), dealer where purchased, and year purchased. Brackets should take approximately 8 weeks to arrive.

There is also a need to update the capacity sticker for the LV12 and LV14, which defines recommended loads of people, gear and motors.
The revised LV12 capacity should not exceed 5 persons (or 740 lbs.) and 900 lbs. total for persons, motors and gear, and horsepower should not exceed 15HP.
The revised LV14 capacity should not exceed 5 persons and 950 lbs. persons, motors and gear, and horsepower should not exceed 20HP when operated in a tiller setup.
Exceeding stated capacities can decrease stability of your boat, subjecting it to possible swamping or capsizing.

Updated capacity stickers are already being sent to all owners on record; extra copies are available at your Livingston dealer.  If you do not receive a sticker in the mail and are unable to reach your Livingston dealer, you can place a request at the address above (with the same information) and we will send a sticker to you.