A Dual-Console with a Dual Purpose I’d love to do some sort of parody about split personalities since the new World Cat 400DC-X is a twin-sponson catamaran, but that might be too obvious. Still, the new 400DC-X demonstrates a textbook case of duality. Not only does it look like a family weekend-fun boat with its …

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World Cat 296DC

A capable family fishing boat with walk-through versatility and surprising performance POWER CATAMARANS MAKE UP ONLY A FRACTION OF THE OUTBOARD FISHING-BOAT MARKET, BUT THE INCREASING POPULARITY OF WORLD CAT’S RECENT MODELS IS SUCCESSFULLY BRINGING THEM INTO THE MAINSTREAM. On the heels of last year’s introduction of the 280CC-X comes the builder’s latest broadside, the …

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World Cat 280CC-X First Glance — SportFishing Magazine

Innovative new design changes the look of this popular catamaran brand. World Cat’s first X-design catamaran, the 280CC-X, features aggressive new styling that includes a graceful sheer line terminating in a soft tumblehome aft, a swept-back glass dashboard at the console, and a surfboard-edge hardtop. The 280 represents a completely new computer-assisted design from the …

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