Smoothness. Stability. Speed.
World Cat Hulls Are Designed To Deliver All Of Them.

When it comes to choosing the ideal boat, World Cat gives you more and better choices. It all begins with the two key hull designs that we offer. While each design shares the same major advantages of a power catamaran – a smoother ride, better stability, and shallower draft – our different hull choices can help you “fine tune” a better boating experience.

Planing Hull

(used in all World Cat boats) – if you’re looking for speed, you’ll find it with this design. By employing a flatter V-bottom surface, you get on plane quicker for maximum speed. This design delivers racecar like performance. And, while traditional monohull boats slam you hard when coming down, this action is greatly reduced in a World Cat power catamaran. Which means less abuse and more control for you.

Semi-Displacement Hull

(used in our Glacier Bay Edition boats) – this design offers a softer ride, and has unique handling characteristics, which its thousands of satisfied owners swear by. Its unique design provides outstanding seakeeping and a soft ride by keeping larger sections of the hull in the water for maximum stability while underway. Its balance of hull buoyancy and dynamic lift reduces drag and increases efficiency.