World Cat Intelligent Hull Design –
The Science Behind The Smoother Ride.

World Cat boats deliver a smoother, softer, faster and drier catamaran ride in even the roughest, toughest conditions. The secret – and science – behind this better boating experience is intelligent engineering – which incorporates our VectorFlo® hull design.

This unique hull innovation combines air and water at the scoop-shaped bow and channels the mixture into the tunnel between the twin hulls. As part of the design, a Vector Pod, forward in the hull, helps to break up incoming water, creating aeration and reducing friction. As the mixture passes through the narrowing tunnel channel, it increases velocity, while decreasing forward pressure and drawing the aerated water and spray aft through the tunnel.

The result?

• The rapidly moving aerated mixture forms a water-cushioned suspension between the hulls and beneath the boat’s tunnel
• You get a softer ride, improved stability, and enhanced fuel efficiency
• Because the aeration increases in rough seas, the cushioning effect becomes more evident the worse conditions get

So, you get a better boating experience in all kinds of seas. But, don’t take our word for it, take a sea trial and experience the VectorFlo® advantage yourself.

Want to know how we build the perfect hull? Learn all about it from Greg McLogan, VP of Product Development