Why Dog Love (World) Cats

Dog On A Boat

What makes a boat dog friendly?


Dogs loving cats sounds like a weird scenario, but when it comes to World Cats, it’s a different story!  We love inviting our furry four-legged friends along for a ride and do so with a lot of confidence. It’s unfortunate how unstable a traditional monohull boat can be for our pets. It’s the same for children and those of us with joints that have seen better days. A rough sea can turn a fun day into a scary day real quick. Rough seas create unsafe conditions for our furry friends and the rough ride of a monohull boat could create dangerous conditions for our furry friends. All of us sailors try to mitigate risk and do the best we can to avoid foul weather. Sometimes storms can come on quick and there’s not much you can do. Fortunately purchasing a World Cat boat can help mitigate the risk before you hit the water. There’s no better boat to be on than a World Cat Center or Dual Console when things get rough. The catamaran design excels in cutting through the water and minimizing the typical pounding and roll of a monohull. This is just one of the reasons why dogs love cats. I’ll list a few more reasons a World Cat Boat makes sense for pet owners below. 

Things to look for in a boat – as a dog owner:


The Dry Ride – we all know most furry friends love to jump in and swim. However, getting sprayed over the bow is usually no fun for anyone, pets, and humans both. This is why the smooth dry ride found in any World Cat boat is ideal for everyone onboard. 


The Shallow Draft – Pulling up to shore or anchoring in shallow water so everyone can get out to play just makes life easier. All World Cat boats have a draft shallower than many or all of their monohull counterparts of comparable length. 


Easy Access Ladder – This is also a favorite feature of divers, and professional charter companies using catamarans. The easy access ladder and extra room at the aft of the boat make getting in and out of the water a breeze. 


Extra Seating – Seating can be limited on many monohull boats. This means the humans usually get preference when it’s time to ride. With the extra seating on World Cat Catamaran boats, everyone gets a cozy spot after a long day of chasing tennis balls on the sand bar. 


There are many reasons why dogs love cats. These are just a few things to consider when shopping for a new family boat. Features like freshwater washdown, or onboard grills, are other fan favorites. If you want to schedule a test ride click here and we’ll be in touch!  

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