Best Built Boats

Dual Console Drawing

Quality has always been a key factor in boat purchasing decisions. That’s one of the reasons why we take quality craftsmanship so seriously at World Cat boats. It begins with passion, we’re boaters too and understand how important quality is to a boat owner. 

Our team of experienced marine engineers design quality in from the very beginning. When drawing plans, years of experience shape decisions improving quality year after year. This is why our owners love their Worldcat Dual & Center Console boats. It’s also why we consider our World Cat’s the “Best Built Boats.”

After quality is first ensured in the design, then material decisions are next on the list.  We select only the highest grades of composite and natural materials on the market. Before raw materials are used they’re sample tested to ensure they meet our quality standards. 

The craftsmen that build our boats are held to a high standard of protocol and procedure to ensure that every step of the way quality is built-in. At World Cat, our slogan is that Quality is built-in and not inspected. Every step through the plant craftsmen that specialize in each process manage and take pride in their part of the process. Additionally, quality control inspectors follow the boats through the factory inspecting them at every step. 

So what does this mean for a World Cat owner?  This gives each and every World Cat owner peace of mind when operating their World Cat Dual Console or Center Console boat. With family and friends aboard peace of mind is priceless. The quality built into the vessel ensures a safe trip and confidence in the boat.

Another perk of quality craftsmanship is the resale value when you are ready to upgrade to a bigger cat to accommodate all of your monohull friends that cannot go out on sloppy sea days.  We know that our consumers are business-minded people so this is a huge perk to owning a World Cat.

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