Boating To The Bahamas

Boating To The Bahamas

Want to Run to the Bahamas?

Our World Cat models ranging from 23-40’ offer that capability!  For years we have done our Owner’s Rendezvous to Bimini with 20 plus boats attending annually.  Talk about fun for everyone!

The World Cat Center Console models catch enough fish to feed the whole group every year.  The fish is great but the fishing stories are even better. The Dual Console models enjoy cruising up and down the shore sightseeing, a little fishing and lots of diving!  The dual console boast appointments to keep the whole family comfortable and entertained. There is not a single model of World Cat that is not built for family boating!

Ready to take a trip to the Bahamas?  Join us as a group for our Annual Rendevous! If you are ready to take the trip across check out the tips below to help ensure a safe trip for you and your family!

Weather Watch, be sure to stay on top of the weather forecast.  Summer trips are considered to boast the best sea conditions for crossing. Plan your fuel stops too and be sure to keep a good reserve as stops are not always reliable.

Plan your route, be sure to map out your nautical adventure and if you have questions reach out to us we have many that have made the trip several times.

Vet your Boat, go through everything to ensure it is in the best working condition.  Also, take time to go through all safety gear and add spares for critical components. You can never be too cautious.

Communication can be different when in the Bahamas.  Cell phones often do not work in the Bahamas, VHF radios are a necessity as well as taking advantage of wifi at the many marinas and villages.

Check your insurance, within some plans the Bahamas may be exempt.

Customs and Immigration, read up on fees, forms, and fishing licenses.  You can purchase fishing licenses and check the latest rules before you cross over!

Outboard technology along with design technology has made it where it is so simple to take any World Cat on the journey to the Bahamas.   We hope this is helpful and are happy to help with further information or questions of our Owners that may be planning a trip.

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