Boats For The North East

Dual Console Boat
If you’ve been boating in the Northeast before you know, it’s a beautiful place, to say the very least. There are many coastal communities, sounds, bays, shorelines, and harbors, all filled with nature’s beauty. The World Cat is the perfect boat for a great day out on the water. Whether you’re a pleasure boater looking to explore, or an avid angler looking to land that trophy Striped Bass, Bluefish, or Fluke, World Cat Boats offers a platform that can do it all!
Of course, the water conditions can change ever so quickly. For a novice or experienced boater, this can be tricky, and that is why selecting a boat that offers comfort, versatility, and stability is essential. The Long Island sound, as many other inner coastal waterways, is notorious for chop. These conditions are usually intensive with a northeastern wind. The short frequency of the chop is what creates the pounding and slapping that no one wants to experience while boating. World Cat’s love these conditions and handle them like a champ, you will no longer be running in close to shore to more protected harbors on days with northeastern wind. The World Cat’s twin hull design eats up the chop. The key to this is our vector flow design. This unique hull innovation combines air and water at the scoop-shaped bow and channels the mixture into the tunnel between the twin hulls. As part of the design, a vector Pod, forward in the hull, helps to break up incoming water, creating aeration and reducing friction.
The World Cat’s design also offers a family-friendly platform that provides more deck space than other boats on the market. The catamaran design allows for a wide beam carried throughout the boat. The bow space in a catamaran is second to none, and bow seating helps to accommodate the whole family while enjoying time on the water. All of our platforms offer ample space for the fisherman on board and open deck space in the back and rod holders to fit an avid angler.
For our boaters in the Northeast, a popular feature is the enclosures and protection from the weather available on our Dual Console models. Northeastern boaters have a shorter season for boating, but with the protection from the elements, these features can easily extend the boating season. The enclosures on dual console models are easily attached and can also be easily stowed when not needed. The 325 Dual Console model offers full enclosure from the elements with a temperature-controlled climate, what a dream for year-round boating.
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