Going Offshore With Yamaha


This is the story of our day offshore with the Yamaha team on the impressive Worldcat 325 Center Console. With the boat gassed up, Captain ready to go, and our friend from Yamaha ready to rock, we headed into the sunrise out of Stuart, Florida. The water was slick as glass, and there wasn’t a turtle, seagull, or creature in sight. A day fishing is never a bad day, but with this amount of scenic description you might begin to assume how our day went, but I won’t ruin the story for you. 

With the boat full of gear and friends we still had plenty of deck room on the World Cat 325 Center Console. With the low resistance of our catamaran hull, and twin Yamaha 300s pushing us along, the 325cc had plenty of power to hit cruising speed in seconds. Our first stop was to catch live bait, we quickly loaded up on Hornbellies and filling our 45-gallon livewell then we headed offshore.   

The helm seats provided plenty of comfort with adjustable bolsters and armrests making our already smooth catamaran ride even more enjoyable. The 325CC’s cushioned removable coolers also gave us extra room for boat snacks and seating. Taking a look around the 325cc you’ll quickly notice all of the storage for gear and supplies. One of my favorite features is the lockable gunnel rod holders, which hide your reels only making the rods visible. The gunnel area is also built out with several more stow spots for tackle boxes, fishing gear and much more. We made good use of the bait station with its washdown sink and high capacity livewell to set up our trolling rigs. 

Everything was set up and ready to go, and It’s at this point I wish I could tell you about all the bites we started to get. Other than the beautiful slickwater, we began to think it may not be our day, but we continued trolling with live baits to see what we could find.

We trolled, fished, told stories, and worked our patience. The 325CC had plenty of room for everyone to fish (watch our rods) without being in each other’s way. After a few hours offshore and a good base tan beginning to form, we headed back in. Maybe we could get lucky closer to shore. Since our Yamaha 300s were sipping fuel we had plenty of reason to keep cruising.

Alas, our last stop, Lunch.  We easily maneuvered up to the dock with empty live wells and coolers, but kept our heads high knowing we had a fun day with our friends! Overall no trophy fish were caught on our big day out, but hey, you win some you lose some.


The 325CC is a catamaran center console with a wide beam of 10’6” and a total length of 32’2”, this vessel is a versatile performer used by many charter services.

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