Why Catamarans Are The Best Family Boats

More Deck Space

Space on a mono hull boat can become limited with extra friends and family onboard. Fortunately, our catamarans have more useable deck space so everyone can join in on the fun.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Catamarans experience minimal resistance to get on plane, resulting in a greater overall fuel economy. This means more time on the water and more money in your wallet.

Safe & Smooth Ride

When Searching for a new family boat, safety should be the top priority. A catamaran's increased stability minimizes sea sickness and makes for a smoother ride in any conditions.

Increased Comfort

Catamarans have more seating, storage, standing room and stability. All boaters know this makes for a more comfortable ride.

Versatile Shallow Draft

Our catamarans can go in water that's up to 50% more shallow than monohulls of comparable lengths and build.

Overall Experience

When comparing a catamaran to a monohull, our catamaran wins on every account in terms of overall family boating experience.

Make Memories
on the Water

If you’re looking for the all-around best boat to enjoy time on the water with your friends and family, the choice is World Cat. We have several models that fit your specific needs. Download our catalogue to see which boat works best for you.

Experience a Better Way to Boat

To really understand the advantages of owning a World Cat, you need to experience it for yourself. Fill out the form below and we’ll work with you to schedule a free, no-obligation sea trial with one of our dealers.

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