Looking For The Best Center Console Boats On The Market? Look No Further.

It’s time for A Better Way to Boat. With World Cat center console boats, you get a smoother, more stable ride than conventional-hulled boats. That means added enjoyment for you and your family and friends, and more days out on those lakes, rivers and open oceans. Cruising, entertaining, and all your favorite watersports activities like skiing, tubing, diving, and fishing are all memories just waiting to me made with your crew. You can stay on the water longer, and go farther with increased fuel economy. Along with additional comfort, you’ll have the confidence to take on seas safely that keep other boaters at the dock.

A Smoother Ride

Take a sea trial on a World Cat catamaran and you’ll understand just how smooth, just how exhilarating, and just how much fun boating can be. But, a smoother ride is only one of the many advantages a power catamaran offers over a monohull. In fact, a World Cat offers you…

Twin Hull Vs Mono Hull

Chances are, you own – or owned – a monohull boat. And that means you’ve endured pounding, slamming, and slapping. Monohull manufacturers employ deep V designs to try to lessen the abuse, but the result is often just more rocking and rolling whenever you stop or troll your boat. But a World Cat power catamaran offers you a better boating experience without all the exhausting physical abuse.

Hull Designs

When it comes to choosing the ideal boat, World Cat gives you more and better choices. It all begins with the two key hull designs that we offer. While each design shares the same major advantages of a power catamaran – a smoother ride, better stability, and shallower draft – our different hull choices can help you “fine tune” a better boating experience.

A Better Boating Experience Begins With A Better Boat. We Have A Wide Array To Choose From.

Here are just a few of the models we offer.


280CC-X Center Console

The new 280CC-X offers dramatic styling, superior performance, and the smooth ride you expect from World Cat. Designed exclusively via CAD technology, the 280CC-X features luxurious appointments, generous seating for 11, and the latest technology that together make it your ideal choice for cruising, fishing, snorkeling, diving, exploring and entertaining.


320CC Center Console

At 32’2” with a 10’6” beam, the 320CC is a versatile performer you can run flat out to your favorite fishing spot, or just cruise around with family and friends. It combines generous deck space with hard-core fishing features, all made more enjoyable with World Cat’s smoother, more stable, drier ride. It’s simply the best boat for those who want a better boating experience.


230CC Center Console

Our 230CC offers you 23’ of do anything, go anywhere fun. With a generous 8’6” beam, it features a cockpit size you would expect to find only on a bigger boat. And, while it’s built for fun, it’s ideal for serious fishing, with a 30-gallon livewell, big forward fish boxes and plenty of storage. Of course, it also offers the smooth ride you expect from a World Cat.


295CC Center Console

If you like to fish anytime, anywhere, and in most any weather, the World Cat 295CC is the boat you need. It features our newest, most efficient hull for the ultimate in smooth, stable performance. And, when you’re not fishing, this sleek power catamaran is ideal for offshore day cruises with family and friends. It’s the one boat you need for virtually any boating activity.

We Built Our Company Like We Build Our Boats.
To Deliver Superior Performance Over The Long Haul.

By design, a World Cat center console catamaran delivers a smoother, gentler, better ride. It allows you to go farther, longer, and faster with greater confidence. It combines high tech planning with old world craftsmanship. It brings you a better boating experience. To understand how and why, you have to get to know the company that builds it.

Smooth, fast, quiet and tight turning. Handles wakes incredibly well.

Wayne from Miami, FL

Boating Experience: 5 Years |320CC | Test Date: 02/17/2017

Impressive and superior ride. Crossing over on waves was perfect and smooth. It is a must buy!

Eruani from Miami, FL

Boating Experience: 20 Years 320CC | Test Date: 02/18/2017

Very smooth ride. Easy docking. Love how stable it felt both while riding and at stop.

Marloys from Miami, FL

Boating Experience: 13 Years 230CC | Test Date: 02/18/2017

Why Own A World Cat Center Console Boat?
One Ride Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know.

We can tell you all about the smooth, gentle the ride of a World Cat center console boat. We can show you how it tames rough seas and excels in challenging conditions. But to really understand the advantages of owning a World Cat, you need to experience it for yourself. Your World Cat dealer is ready to take you for a sea trial and show you a boating experience unlike any you’ve ever had.
If you’re tired of the pounding and slamming of monohull boats, take a free, no-obligation sea trial today.