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A Dual-Console with a Dual Purpose I’d love to do some sort of parody about split personalities since the new World Cat 400DC-X is a twin-sponson catamaran, but that might be too obvious. Still, the new 400DC-X demonstrates a textbook case of duality. Not only does it look like a family weekend-fun boat with its …

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World Cat 296DC

A capable family fishing boat with walk-through versatility and surprising performance POWER CATAMARANS MAKE UP ONLY A FRACTION OF THE OUTBOARD FISHING-BOAT MARKET, BUT THE INCREASING POPULARITY OF WORLD CAT’S RECENT MODELS IS SUCCESSFULLY BRINGING THEM INTO THE MAINSTREAM. On the heels of last year’s introduction of the 280CC-X comes the builder’s latest broadside, the …

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World Cat 280CC-X: One Potent Powercat —

Boaters who buy a powercat often do so because of the smooth ride. But many boaters who might otherwise get a cat admit that the number-one reason they hesitate is the boat’s unusual looks. Powercats do look non-traditional, for sure, and though it’s completely subjective, some would say they look down-right ugly. Those boaters weren’t …

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World Cat 280CC-X — The Fisherman

WORLD CAT 280CC-X I hooked up with World Cat Marketing VP Dave Tuchler at the 2016 Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show and spent some quality time on this next-gen fishing catamaran, getting totally immersed in her bluewater capabilities. By Capt. John N. Raguso She is definitely more than just a one-trick pony. Sure, she will give …

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World Cat 280CC-X — Soundings Online

The 280CC-X is the first boat in a new generation of power catamarans from World Cat. Cats are known for their soft ride in rough water, but their boxy profile has been unappealing to some boaters, World Cat president Andrew Brown says. “This boat and future World Cats have improved aesthetics and more advanced equipment,” …

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World Cat 320DC — Florida Sportsman

Whether you like to fish, dive, cruise or camp on a boat, it’s difficult to find a boat that does all of these jobs without some tradeoffs. If one were looking for a boat that wore many hats and did so without many sacrifices, the World Cat 320 DC is worth serious consideration. Generally speaking, …

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World Cat — On The Water

Pound For Pound, You Won’t Find A Better Boat. World Cat is the world’s largest maker of power catamarans, with over 80,000 satisfied customers around the globe. The origins of World Cat can be traced back over a quarter of a century to the beginning of Glacier Bay boats in America’s Pacific Northwest. Today, all …

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World Cat 280CC-X First Glance — SportFishing Magazine

Innovative new design changes the look of this popular catamaran brand. World Cat’s first X-design catamaran, the 280CC-X, features aggressive new styling that includes a graceful sheer line terminating in a soft tumblehome aft, a swept-back glass dashboard at the console, and a surfboard-edge hardtop. The 280 represents a completely new computer-assisted design from the …

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New World Cat 280CC-X Released

(Tarboro, NC)  World Cat has announced the introduction of its latest power catamaran: the 280CC-X. Owing to its advanced design, this center console, 27’ 6” boat is the first World Cat to carry the “X” designation. All new, the 280CC-X takes the smooth riding advantage of a catamaran and brings it to a new level …

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