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Pound For Pound, You Won’t Find A Better Boat.

World Cat is the world’s largest maker of power catamarans, with over 80,000 satisfied customers around the globe. The origins of World Cat can be traced back over a quarter of a century to the beginning of Glacier Bay boats in America’s Pacific Northwest. Today, all World Cat boats are precision crafted in a state-of-the-art 140,000 sq. ft. facility in Tarboro, North Carolina.

When it comes to delivering a better boating experience, you might say a World Cat boat beats a monohull two to one. That’s because the two narrower hulls of a World Cat slice through the water, which helps to eliminate the pounding, slapping, and jarring more typical in a monohull boat. Instead, World Cats deliver a smoother, gentler, more stable ride in virtually any conditions.

That means owners can enjoy being out on the water longer, going farther, and coming back without the bumps, bruises and physical exhaustion often resulting from a monohull. Some of the other advantages of owning a World Cat power catamaran include much more deck and storage space, stability on the water and at the dock, greater fuel economy, maneuverability, and the peace of mind of having 2 separate power/fuel units, which means either motor can bring the boat on plane to get you home safely.

The vast majority of our owners had previously owned at least 3 monohulls, and 93% of them say they would buy a catamaran (or strongly consider it) for their next boat.

World Cat boats range in length from 23′ to 32′, and are available in Center Console, Dual Console, Cabin and Sun Deck models. They are just as comfortable serving as tremendous fishing boats as they are taking the family for an outing.



At 32’2” with a 10’6” beam, the 320CC is a versatile performer you can run flat out to your favorite fishing spot, or just cruise around with family and friends. It combines generous deck space with hard-core fishing features, all made more enjoyable with World Cat’s smoother, more stable, drier ride. It’s simply the best boat for those who want a better boating experience.

Highlights Include:
• 12 gunwale-mounted rod holders fore and aft
• Over 1,300 quarts of insulated storage
• 45-gallon livewell with a pro-style tackle station aft of the helm
• 105 square feet of cockpit space
• Comfortable seating for 12

LOA: 32’2”
Beam: 10’6”
Hull Draft: 16″
Freeboard Aft: 28″
Transom Height: 25″
Fuel Capacity: 279 gal (2 x 139.5 gal)
Max HP Rating: 600 HP (2 x 300 HP)
Trailering Height:** 10’6″
Bridge Clearance: 9’0″
Cockpit Length: 54″
Freshwater Capacity: 20 gal
Wastewater Capacity: 15 gal
Typical Cruise:*** 28 mph / 1.8 mpg
Typical WOT:*** 52 mph / 1.0 mpg
Seating: 12 people
* Includes max power and typical options
** Measured keel to top of fiberglass hardtop with no outriggers nor electronics installed (not including trailer itself)
*** Tested with max power, two people, 1/2 fuel, no gear

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