255DC - Chad from Chapel Hill, NC - World Cat


Chad from Chapel Hill, NC

Chad Harrelson

The things that we love about our 255DC are its ability to handle less than ideal sea conditions, how it doesn’t pound when going through boat wakes or choppy water. We smile when first time visitors hold onto something as we approach a boat wake and are puzzled when we swoosh through it without pounding. We love being out when close friends with a monohull would not be out. We are amazed when we go clamming (something that we have never done before and something that we love doing) and can get into really skinny water. We love the fact that our son and his family love the boat as much as we do. We are doing things that we did when we started boating like going out to eat, fishing, chilling at a sand bar or just enjoying the scenery. We love being part of the World Cat family and sharing our adventures with fellow World Cat owners.

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