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Keith Germain


When I was researching the 255DC, I read over and over again that she was a bit of a fickle-running hull. Some said prone to porpoising, some said she needed permatrims, and many said to run her trimmed up as much as possible. I didn’t find this to be the case at all.

After having the boat for roughly 3 months and putting 60 hours of fishing, ocean running, dock and dining, and sandbar visits on her, here’s what I’ve learned so far.

She definitely comes with a learning curve. Depending on the load and sea state, sometimes she likes a little trim, sometimes she likes a lot of trim– and she’s happy to let you know when you’re not giving her what she likes.

Perhaps counterintuitively, she was hardest to figure out on flat-calm days. Calm days are few and far between on the Jersey Shore.

The best indicators for me that she’s happy with her running angle are the absence of porpoising, and an mpg between 1.8 and 2 when cruising. Anything else and I’m usually over or under-trimmed. More often than not, I was over-trimming.

Once I got her figured out, though, she’s been a great ride and a fantastic, versatile boat.

She’s a great fishing boat for a dual console, and the fact that I can fish all morning, hose her down, put the cushions back on and turn her into a family dock-and-dine ride in the same day is exactly what I hoped I’d get out of this boat.

After a few experiences getting caught in bigger-than-intended seas (thanks, NOAA), I’m grateful for her ability to handle the bigger seas and slop so well. She definitely inspires confidence.

I daydreamed about a bigger World Cat, but when I look at the 255 Dual Console, sliding into a tight dock and dine spot, or run the boat by myself, I’m thankful for a very manageable 26’x8.6’ that runs like a bigger monohull.

So to wrap it up, I love, love, love this boat and am glad that I went with the 255 Dual Console. Feedback from World Cat advocates and the great team at Schrader Yacht Sales helped guide me to the decision to purchase a 255 Dual Console and I hope this helps the future World Cat owners who are researching their choice.

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