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Donnie from Plant City, FL

Donnie Miller

I started looking for a boat for myself and family in 2017. I grew up in a boating family, but with career and life, had not owned a boat for quite a few years. I spent a lot of time on the water over those years between teaching diving and the occasional fishing trip with friends and charters. One of several fishing trips I made with a friend was aboard a 32 CC World Cat. Little did I know that this was a sign of things to come. When the family decided it was time to get our own boat, we discussed several options and looked at primarily DC configurations. During this search, we looked at single hull platforms along with dual hull configurations. It became clear to us that the dual hull configuration was the right choice for us. It didn’t take us long to make the choice to own a World Cat 255 DC. The water test closed the deal. It became immediately clear that we had chosen well. The 255 DC was the perfect set up for our family and we have spent many hours exploring the waterways and islands around the Clearwater, Fl area. What we didn’t fully anticipate, is how much of a lifestyle change this would bring about for us as we found ourselves on the water nearly every weekend. I am extraordinarily pleased with the workmanship and design of the World Cat. The fit and finish is top notch, the design is so well thought out, and the platform is so incredibly stable for recreation, including fishing. This brings me to my conclusion. We recently exchanged our 255 DC for our new 296 DC. Equally incredible workmanship and thoughtful design remain true with our new boat. I am a fan of the hull configuration, the workmanship, and World Cat as a company. They definitely have earned my most sincere recommendation.

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