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Herb from Brick, NJ

Herb Segars

My wife and I were had our first experience with a World Cat in August of 2008. We were at Manasquan Inlet in New Jersey while a northeaster raged off the coast. We watched two people in a center console World Cat run out the inlet into very large waves, turn around and come back in. We watched in awe for nearly an hour as they repeated their run. Little did we realize at the time that this would lead us to becoming World Cat owners. At the time, we owned a 33’ Wellcraft Sportbridge.

Ten years later, we wanted to downsize as our current vessel was getting too large for us. As we tried to decide on how to move forward, my wife told me that she wanted a new boat – one that no one has been on before. Right next door to our boat yard was a World Cat dealer – Schrader Yacht Sales. Before visiting the dealer, I did extensive research on line about World Cats. What I discovered impressed me. There wasn’t a very large inventory of used World Cats and it seemed like World Cat owners were almost “cult” like in their love of the brand. As we did our research about the World Cat, we remembered our first experience ten years earlier. We wondered why we hadn’t thought about it sooner. We decided that our next boat would be a World Cat. We met with Kevin Schrader and he informed us that the 2018 255DC that he had in stock was promised to another dealer but the dealer had called that morning and informed him that his client had health issues and if he had a buyer to sell it. That’s all my wife had to hear. She poked me and said “give him a deposit.” We had not even done a sea trial or had ever been on one while it was in the water. I kept telling her that I had to make sure that we could afford this. Her only response was “give him a deposit.” I lasted a half hour before I gave in. Looking back, it was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Our dealings with Schrader Yacht Sales were wonderful. The 255DC met all of our expectations and more. My wife has multiple sclerosis and we have a son who uses a walker. We wanted to be comfortable on the boat and return to doing things that we hadn’t done in years and things that we have never done during our 41 years of boating. We want our son and his family to enjoy boating with us.

The things that we love about our 255DC are its ability to handle less than ideal sea conditions, how it doesn’t pound when going through boat wakes or choppy water. We smile when first time visitors hold onto something as we approach a boat wake and are puzzled when we swoosh through it without pounding. We love being out when close friends with a monohull would not be out. We are amazed when we go clamming (something that we have never done before and something that we love doing) and can get into really skinny water. We love the fact that our son and his family love the boat as much as we do. We are doing things that we did when we started boating like going out to eat, fishing, chilling at a sand bar or just enjoying the scenery. We love being part of the World Cat family and sharing our adventures with fellow World Cat owners.

In the 41 years that we have owned boats, the 255DC is the finest boat that we have ever owned. My favorite t-shirt reads “Never Underestimate An Old Man Who Owns A World Cat.”

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